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“His desire to get “it” right is refreshing. Generally the whole practice, I’m very much pleased with. I can say with much confidence there has never been a billing issue and your questions are never shied away. All I can say is ‘I’m very happy here’ ”

Stephen G.

“I leave after each visit knowing that the next time I return I will continue to receive the best care for my mouth possible. If you desire a quality dentist with a great atmosphere, Dr. Udoff is your man! ”

Debbie B.
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Cosmetic Dentistry Middletown

Smile Because You Want To

Brunette female smiling following her general dentistry appointmentYou may have spent your whole life taking good care of your teeth and gums, but that doesn’t mean that your smile is necessarily free from cosmetic imperfections. If you have flaws in your smile, there is no better time than the present to make a change. Fortunately, Dr. Scott Udoff performs a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures for his Middletown, New York patients. Whether you have just a few cosmetic blemishes, or require a full smile makeover, Dr. Udoff has a wealth of experience creating beautiful smiles.

At the practice of Dr. Udoff, we make it our personal mission to give each and every patient a smile he or she can be proud of. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, a skilled cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Udoff can make all the difference. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, contact our Middletown practice today.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

To begin, Dr. Udoff will conduct a one-on-one consultation, during which he will want to know what bothers you about your smile, and what you would like to achieve. After a thorough examination, Dr. Udoff will recommend the best course of action for reaching your aesthetic goals. He has the expertise to identify how to give you a bright, gorgeous smile that fits impeccably with your facial features. Cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

Porcelain Veneers

If you have chipped, cracked, broken, misshapen, discolored, or uneven front teeth, porcelain veneers are an excellent remedy. These tiny shells are crafted from high-quality porcelain, which mimics the light-reflecting properties of natural tooth enamel, and are placed onto the surfaces of front teeth to conceal any flaws. Veneers are customized for each individual smile, and are strong and durable, in many cases lasting for a decade or longer.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can help to restore the appearance and strength of teeth that are decayed, damaged, broken, chipped, widely spaced, or discolored. The composite resin material is first chosen to match to your natural tooth color and is then sculpted onto the necessary tooth. Dr. Udoff shapes the material so it looks natural and beautiful. A special light is then applied to harden the material. Dr. Udoff buffs the tooth and makes any final adjustments before you leave our practice with your new, improved smile. Dental bonding is often used to replace old, highly conspicuous silver amalgam dental fillings as well.

Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed that your teeth aren’t looking as bright and white as they possibly once did? If so, Dr. Udoff administers an extra-strength teeth whitening treatment for patients. Teeth whitening is the simplest treatment for enhancing nearly any smile. After one office visit, teeth can appear up to eight shades whiter. Age, tobacco use, certain medications, and excessive coffee, tea, soda, and wine consumption all contribute to the teeth becoming yellow, grey, dingy, or stained. A teeth whitening treatment will restore that radiant glow for picture-perfect pearly whites.


Now it is possible to correct misaligned teeth or bite and jaw alignment without anyone even knowing. Invisalign® provides the same exceptional results as traditional metal braces; however, the clear, smooth, plastic aligners are virtually impossible to detect. The aligners are removable for easy maintenance and are virtually undetectable to others. Approximately every six weeks a new aligner is worn, gently shifting the teeth into their correct position. Dr. Udoff maps out a treatment plan for best accomplishing a picture-perfect smile.

Smile Makeover

Dr. Udoff has experience performing complete smile makeovers for his patients. He will carefully design your new smile and administer the necessary procedures for achieving the desired look. A smile makeover is tailored to each patient’s individual needs and may include any combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures performed simultaneously.

Learn More about Cosmetic Dentistry

There is no reason to simply live with a smile that doesn’t make you completely happy. Your smile is a significant component to your overall beauty, and everyone deserves to feel confident and pleased with his or her appearance. Plus, Dr. Udoff and his team will ensure you have the most pleasant experience possible while on your journey toward an attractive new smile. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, contact our Middletown dental practice today.

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