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Advanced Dental Technology - Middletown, NY

Modern, Superior Quality for Excellent Care

Intraoral photos on computer At the holistic dental office of Dr. Scott Udoff, patients can look forward to having access to an extensive range of treatment options that can help them not only enjoy a healthier smile, but an enhanced quality of life as well. These state-of-the-art options can restore harmony to oral function, relieve chronic pain, and ensure a comprehensive diagnostic approach that reveals any dysfunction at the earliest stages possible. Please contact us today here in Middletown, NY if you are interested in learning more.   

TMJ/TMD Therapy

Man holding jaw in pain

It is estimated that anywhere from 5 to 12% of the population suffers from a mild to advanced form of TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction). If TMD is not diagnosed and treated early enough in its development, this chronic condition can result in significant damages not only to the patient’s bite, but to the musculosketal system as a whole. Thankfully, Dr. Udoff can assist you with a custom-made occlusal orthotic.

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Musculoskeletal Dentistry

X-ray of jaw and skull bone

Your functional bite has more bodily components than you may realize – the teeth, the jaw joint, the facial muscles, and the neurological pathways. If these systems are not functioning at the same high level due to posture or stress, chronic pain and reduced health may be the result. Dr. Udoff regularly partners with local chiropractors in order to provide patients with comprehensive, whole-body solutions for this type of dysfunction.

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Sleep Dentistry

Frusrated man with head in hands

Chronic snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can rob patients of quality rest, elevate their blood pressure and risk of heart disease, and harm their critical thinking in professional circumstances. Through the use of a custom-made occlusal appliance, Dr. Udoff may be able to reposition the patient’s jaw and/or tongue so that it no longer causes critical airway blockage. As a result, you will be able to breathe easier throughout the night and recoup your health and energy.

Laser Dentistry

Closeup of patient receiving laser dentistry treatment

The world of dentistry is always evolving, and dental lasers are beginning to take the place of many traditional tools. This evolution is welcomed by Dr. Udoff, as this technology offers several valuable benefits to patients, including increased comfort (many patients don’t even require local anesthesia), more precise bacterial elimination, and minimally invasive treatment. Lasers have truly revolutionized several essential procedures, including root canal treatment, cavity preparation, periodontal therapy, and more.

Intraoral Cameras

Patient and dentist looking at intraoral photos

Intraoral cameras are essential diagnostic tools that not only benefit Dr. Udoff’s understanding of your particular needs, but also serve as invaluable education for the patients themselves. The camera-tipped wand captures high-resolution images of that are transmitted to our computer system and then to a monitor in the operatory. As we discuss any problematic conditions and recommended treatments, these images can be referred to again and again for clarity.

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays on computer

Many aspects of your oral health are not visible on the smile’s visible surface; instead, conditions must be discovered and diagnosed with the necessary assistance of digital radiography. Dr. Udoff solely utilizes this modern technology instead of traditional film for several reasons. This development process is dramatically simplified down from hours-long darkroom use to mere seconds. The digital images can be magnified, rotated, and color-coded in order to elevate patient comprehension. Any radiation exposure is reduced by up to 80% as well, which will help benefit your continuous safety and wellbeing as our patient. 

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Woman receicing 3D cone beam scan

Digital radiography is an essential tool for quality oral healthcare, but its scope does have limitations. When planning complex treatment like occlusal appliances for TMD, dental implants, and root canal therapy, Dr. Udoff wants to be as certain as possible that his approach is optimal for the patient. That is why he utilizes a state-of-the-art 3D Cone Beam when needed. This technology creates a panoramic, three-dimensional model of the patient’s teeth, jaw, skull, and related facial structures with truly comprehensive detail.