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Emergency Dentistry - Middletown, NY

In Pain? Call Us Now!

Man in dental chair holding his cheekIf you have experienced a severe dental injury and/or pain, you are always welcome to contact our Middletown dental office for holistic dental treatment. Dr. Udoff sees emergency cases as soon as his schedule allows, and he can provide effective relief for cases of severe toothache, TMJ pain, headaches, facial pain, dental fractures, partially or fully dislodged teeth, oral bleeding, and more.

Dental Accidents & Facial Trauma

Woman holding ice pack to face

Dealing with a broken or knocked-out tooth? The following steps will help you take control of the situation and get the care you need right away:

  • Call Dr. Udoff immediately.
  • Try to find any large pieces of the tooth that you can, picking them up only by the crown (the top part) and not the root (the bottom part).
  • Gently rinse the tooth with warm water, making sure to not disturb any tissue still left on the root.
  • Have the patient rinse their mouth with warm water as well.
  • Try to place the tooth back into its socket until you can make it to our office. If this isn’t possible, put the tooth in a container of milk or saltwater. It needs to remain wet in order to keep it viable for reattachment!
  • A cold compress and/or OTC medication can be used to deal with any pain and swelling.

Dental Emergencies Due to Oral Care Neglect

Man holding jaw in pain

Are you feeling a lot of pain in one of your teeth? This could be because of a serious infection, and it needs to be treated soon before it gets worse. Make sure you:

  • Call Dr. Udoff right away.
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Lightly floss around the tooth to dislodge anything that might be stuck and causing the pain.
  • Use a cold compress on the face or an OTC medication to help with the pain.

Unparalleled Experience & Qualifications

Two people shaking hands

Dr. Udoff has been a practicing dentist since 2005, and over the years, he has taken countless hours of continuing education to grow and refine his skillset. So, no matter what your dental emergency might be, you can trust that he’ll be able to provide the fast relief you need! In our office, we have some of the latest dental technology available today, and it enables us to get a better look at a patient’s mouth and figure out what they need right away. Plus, unlike your local emergency room, we won’t make you wait for hours to be seen either!

Root Canal Therapy

Dental x-rays on tablet computer

If decay is left untreated, it can spread to the inner chambers of the tooth where the tooth root and pulp exist. In order to treat the infection and potentially rescue the tooth’s livelihood, Dr. Udoff will perform root canal therapy, which involves the removal of any infected pulp tissue. The tooth is then either treated with a dental filling or restored with a custom-made dental crown. We practice minimally invasive dentistry in order to preserve as much healthy dental structure as possible during treatments like root canal therapy.