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Holistic Dentistry in Middletown, NY

Closeup of healthy smile Holistic dentistry bridges the gap between prevention and traditional restorative dental procedures. It is based on the principle that any restorative material has less biological value than the original healthy tissue. 

Holistic dentistry is composed of prevention, remineralization, air-abrasion, micro-composite and bonded indirect dentistry. Dr. Udoff believes that holistic dentistry begins with preserving healthy tissue (gums, bone, and tooth). Prevention is the precursor to preserving health tissue. In our Middletown dental office, oral health is monitored, scored, and interpreted by utilizing a computerized program to tract our patient’s oral health patterns. We call it the “Dental Fitness Program.” Our team looks forward to sharing this information with you and helping you find your own path forward when it comes to good oral hygiene practices at home and a reduced overall risk of needed restorative care. Dr. Udoff is always happy to answer your questions, so feel free to contact us.


Smiling woman in dental chair

This process reverses the onset of tooth decay. Tooth decay begins with decalcification of the enamel. Once the decalcification reaches the dentin, the cavity needs to be restored. Remineralization works by using dental products that reverse the decalcification before it reaches the dentin.


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Air-abrasion (also known as micro-etching) uses fine sand particles to increase the porosity of the enamel and also remove decay. No local anesthesia is needed for air-abrasion and because the sand particles are so small, only minimal amounts of tooth structure are removed.

Micro-Composite Dentistry

Closeup of teeth with metal fillings replaced with composite

Micro-composite dentistry usually requires local anesthesia due to the depth of the decay/cavity. The preservation of natural healthy tooth structure is the priority, and attention is also paid to the removal of decay. The restoration is bonded to the natural healthy tooth.

Bonded Indirect Dentistry

Before and after images of dental bonding treatment

This is incorporated when large portions of tooth structure are missing either from decay or tooth fracture. These restorations can replace 1/3 of the tooth to an entire crown. They are made of high-quality porcelain, which is bonded in place and designed to match adjacent tooth esthetics.