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Mercury-Free Dentistry - Middletown, NY

Restorations Without the Risk

Closeup of smile during dental exam Mercury-free dentistry is a controversial topic in the dental community. There are those who support amalgam/silver fillings and those who oppose its use. Dr. Udoff wants to give his patients all the information they need to make an informed decision regarding this matter. Our Middletown, NY dental office practices holistic, minimally invasive dentistry that prioritizes whole-body health, which is why we are committed to mercury-free dentistry. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Composite/Bonded restorations

Teeth before and after metal filling replacement

These types of restorations, otherwise known as non-metallic fillings, are the alternative to amalgam restoration. Composite fillings are comprised of a tooth-colored resin material. These composite filling materials are bonded to the tooth. The bonding occurs through first cleaning out the prepared tooth, adding a layer of bonding material to the prepped tooth, and then placing and bonding the composite to the tooth. The advantages to composite restorations are non-toxic metals, blended natural aesthetics, and minimal tooth preparation. 

Mercury-Silver-Amalgam Fillings

Closeup of teeth with silver fillings

Having been in use in dentistry for 165 years, mercury alloy restorations are 42.5% mercury. The remaining percentage is silver, cooper, tin and zinc. As a vapor, metallic mercury could be inhaled and absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs at 80% efficiency. It is the main route of entry of mercury into the human body, whereas the absorption of pieces of metallic mercury through skin or via the gastrointestinal tract is very poor. Thus, during the removal of the amalgam-mercury fillings is when the patient has an excessive exposure to mercury.

Mercury is a known and documented neurotoxin. This means that mercury causes damage to the nerve tissue. Here is a list of some of the common symptoms of mercury toxicity developing from mercury fillings. 


Poor Memory


Difficulty Multitasking


Inability to concentrate

Persistent Cough

Difficulty in finding words

Bad Breath

Lack of Motivation



Chronic Fatigue

Heart Disease

Thankfully, Dr. Udoff has a tried-and-true approach for safely removing amalgam restorations. He follows the SMART protocol.

Due to mercury vapor being released from removal of amalgam fillings, we use equipment to minimize the removal of amalgam restorations. Here are the steps our team takes to elevate success:

  1. We use an oral high-volume air filtration system to remove mercury vapor aerosol particles from the work area.
  2. We use an amalgam separator to remove any amalgam fragments that could enter the environment.
  3. We use a high-speed evacuation system to catch/prevent the ingestion of amalgam particles, as well as a rubber dam.
  4. We use large amounts of water to keep the tooth and the restoration cool.
  5. We cut restorations into chunks to minimize expose to mercury vapor
  6. We protect patients with gowns to minimize the contamination of clothes.
  7. Udoff and his assistant will both wear personal protective attire, including charcoal impregnated face respirators.